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  • What is a Motorcycle Endorsement?

In Florida, the Motorcycle Endorsement means that on your Florida Driver License it will say the words "Motorcycle Also" or "Motorcycle Only" at the bottom of the license, meaning that you are legal to drive a motorcycle onFloridaroads.


  • Do I need to get an Endorsement?

If you wish to operate any two or three wheeled vehicle whose engine is more than 50cc, you are required to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license. 


  • How do I get a Motorcycle Endorsement?

Since 2008 Florida has required all new endorsements to be earned by taking a rider safety training course, most often the MSF Basic Rider Course.  You must hold a valid Driver License or a valid Learner License before starting the course.  After you complete the course, you will need to visit a driver license office or tax collector office that issues driver licenses.  You will show proper ID and pay $7 plus the license fee ($25 for a replacement) and possibly other fees to have a new license issued with the endorsement on it.  You will not need to take any other motorcycle tests, all of that is in the class.


  • How much does the class cost?

In Florida each school is independent but certified by the State, so you will find prices advertised ranging from $99 to over $300. The difference is about what is included, what costs extra, what is provided, and other important details.  Our Basic Rider Course is $199 and includes everything, absolutely nothing costs extra with us. Some schools advertise a super low price but don't tell you they charge extra at the end for things that we include. We include the use of helmets, gloves & boots, as well as bikes and scooters, we include your books, tests, certification card and reporting, and we don't even charge extra if you don't pass the course - you can take your tests or the whole class again - all at no extra charge! We never run classes from a trailer in some parking lot, ours are all full time facilities with air conditioned bathrooms and classrooms on the same location. There is a big difference between a true professional training facility and what might seem like a bargain.


  • What if I ride a Trike or a Can Am Spyder?

If your rig has three or more wheels and you are not enclosed completely in a cab, then it is considered a 3-wheeled motorcycle in Florida. You will need to hold a valid Driver License or Learner License, then complete a rider safety training course.  You can choose to complete the 2-wheeled Basic Rider Course or the 3-wheeled Sidecar/Trike Education Program.  If you complete the 2-wheeled course you will be legal to ride on 2 or more wheels, if you complete the 3-wheeled course you will be restricted to 3 or more wheels. Our 3-wheel course tuition is $200, with rental trikes available if you need one for an additional $50.


  • Do I need an Endorsement for a scooter?

If your scooter has a motor in it that is under 50cc (usually 49cc) and the title shows it as under 50cc, then you do not need a Motorcycle Endorsement, although you must have a valid regular Class E or higher Driver License to ride it.  If the motor is 51cc or larger you must have a Motorcycle Also or a Motorcycle Only license to operate it.  You may complete your Basic Rider Course on one of our scooters, which will earn you a full Motorcycle Endorsement.


  • I've been riding for a long time, do I still have to take a class?

Yes, if you do not already have the Motorcycle Endorsement, the only way to have it added to your Florida Driver License is to complete the Basic Rider Course.  At this time there is no shorter path to legal riding, even if you have ridden for a long time.


  • I have an out of state license, what are my choices?

All 50 states require a motorcycle endorsement to ride. Federal laws now only allow one driver license per American. You may complete any of our courses while you have your out of state license. Then:

a) Check with your home state to see if they will honor a Florida completion card OR

b) Surrender your license and apply for a Florida one with the endorsement. (Some people do this and then exchange it back for the other state when they return there.)


  • What's the fastest way that I can get my license?

Florida law requires that you complete at least a 15 hour course which is required to be conducted on at least two separate calendar days, usually two consecutive eight hour days with a lunch break.We offer classes starting every couple of days, on weekends and on weekdays.  You do have to complete the entire course to earn the endorsement.  Private, one-on-one courses can be arranged if you need a special schedule.


  • What happens if I get stopped riding without the Motorcycle Endorsement?

Under Florida Statute 322.03(4) it is a criminal second degree misdemeanor to ride without the Motorcycle Endorsement.  This means you could be facing a $500 fine, up to 6 months of probation, and/or up to 60 days in the county jail.  Often, if you are able to get your motorcycle endorsement before your court date and you have an otherwise clean driving record, the charges can be dismissed, but you will still have to pay court costs which can be several hundred dollars.


  • What happens if I don't pass the class?

SafeRide is the only school that will never charge you more money if you need more practice.  If you don't pass the class, you will have a choice of re-taking just the test, or just the parts of the class that you need, or even the entire course, always at no charge.  Our goal is to help you to realize your dream to ride, so we will not rush you or make you pay more if you need more practice.